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Xml:lang="en-US" Data-type Reuse To organize your Schemas in a way that benefits your company over time, store the reusable types in a set of Schema files that other Schemas can access. The types must be global. A Schema gains access to the reusable types by either of two declarations: include or import. The include declaration is the preferred choice when the Schema being accessed either has no target namespace or has the same target namespace as the accessing Schema. The import declaration is necessary when the accessed Schema has a target namespace that differs from the target namespace of the accessing Schema.

A value of document means that the operation name does not go into the transmitted message. The binding element should specify document in almost all cases. Incidentally, the values rpc and document only reflect how to structure a message and do not correspond to the two kinds of service interface described in Chapter 2. The use value concerns how the runtime transmission is structured for data-type validation: • literal means that the transmitted data will conform to the details you specify in the WSDL types element and will be structured simply, as in this example.

We'll return to the QoS issue later in the book, when we describe Service Component Architecture. The service Element The last major element of a WSDL definition is service, which completely describes the structure of every possible transmission. 10 shows an example. org/" /> Included are a set of port elements, each of which references a binding element by name and includes an address. The meaning of multiple port elements is that the related service can be accessed at any of several locations.

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