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Thomas D. White, then Air Force Chief of Staff, testifying before the House Astronautic and Space Committee on February 3, 1959. “Aerospace,” he told the committee, “is a term which may be unfamiliar to some of you. Since you will hear it several times during the course of our presentations, I would like to define it for the committee. The Air Force has operated throughout its relatively short history in the sensible atmosphere around the earth. Recent developments have allowed us to extend our operations further away from the earth, approaching the environment popularly known as space.

AS- . Apollo-Saturn (followed by mission number). 25 ASAT ASAT. See anti-satellite. Asp (sounding rocket). Acronym for Atmospheric Sounding Projectile. Designed to carry up to 79 pounds (36 kg) of payload, the solid-propellant sounding rocket Asp was developed by Cooper Development Corporation for the Navy’s Bureau of Ships. The first prototype was launched December 27, 1955. NASA used Asp as an upper stage in the Nike-Asp briefly. It was test flown several times in 1960, but a need for the vehicle did not develop.

Esnault-Pelterie used the term as the subject of an essay contest (“Astronautics,” New York Times editorial, March 8, 1928, p. 24).

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