By Alexander J. W.

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Contact that guy and tell him to change course! " "All right! " Without waiting for a reply, Tom cut Roger off and switched to a standard space band. His voice quivering, the young cadet spoke quickly and urgently into the microphone. "Space station to spaceship approaching on orbit 098. Change course! Emergency! " As he spoke, Tom watched the master screen of his scanner and saw the ship rocketing closer and closer with no change in speed or course. He realized that any action, even now, would bring the craft dangerously close to the station.

Of course you know I could make your lives miserable now," he threatened. "We are aware of that, sir," said Tom quietly. "Very well, Cadets Corbett and Astro. I shall comply with your request. Not because of your request but out of respect for your feelings as spacemen. I wouldn't have thought much of you if you hadn't come out in defense of Manning. And just for your own sake, Astro," said Connel, stepping back in front of the big cadet, "never ask to talk to a Solar Guard officer man to man again.

Well, I don't want any part of it," he shouted. Loring and Shinny looked up in surprise. " demanded Loring. "All of a sudden it's come to me. Now I know why you've been hanging around the spaceport for the last two weeks. " barked Loring. " He eyed the shorter man from between half-closed lids. " "Not me. " whined Mason. " demanded Shinny. " "I'll tell you what! He's going to try--" Loring suddenly stood up and slapped the shorter spaceman across the mouth. Mason sat down, a dazed look on his face.

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