By Daisaku Ikeda

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""The average sympathy and figuring out of individuals in every single place needs to be the soil within which the recent humanism can thrive."" For Daisaku Ikeda, whose phrases those are, schooling has lengthy been one of many basic priorities of his paintings and instructing. And his emphasis at the highbrow legacy bequeathed to humanity by way of the nice academics of civilization is during this quantity encapsulated through the thought of a ""new humanism"": an important residue of knowledge that during the best conditions should be handed directly to destiny generations, increasing horizons, making connnctions among assorted cultures and inspiring clean insights and new discoveries around the globe. those situations are probably so much totally learned within the context of universities. And in selling his middle values of schooling and peace, the writer has brought speeches and lectures at greater than twenty-five academies, faculties and examine institutes world wide. This stimulating assortment, which include the author's most up-to-date lectures, levels extensively throughout themes as varied as artwork, faith, tradition and time, and attracts creatively at the sages of historical India, China and Japan in addition to on visionary thinkers from each country, together with Tolstoy, Victor Hugo and Gandhi.

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A philosophy that is truly universal does not hover in some abstract limbo; it penetrates the hearts, souls and lives of the people. Transmitted from heart to heart, it crosses borders to unify the world. Humanity itself is the soil from which universality springs. THE KEMALIST REVOLUTION 27 Now and then I try to express my feelings in poetry. Let me quote one part of a verse I wrote to celebrate ordinary, common people: People! 4 My attempt at poetry is paltry compared with the moving, famous speech that Atatürk delivered before the National Assembly in August 1926.

Soka Gakkai International is not a political organisation, nor is it simply a social group. First and foremost, it is a movement that promotes the inner reformation of human beings on the basis of Buddhist philosophy. Accordingly, rather than specific proposals for reform of the United Nations, here I would like to discuss the ideals for which it must strive, the spiritual source of its renewal, and the ethos of global citizenship that will shape its future. The global system represented by the United Nations is based on cooperation and dialogue.

People who have been awakened to their global responsibilities will join hands in universal solidarity, each in their own way contributing their special assets. Education is the precondition for spiritual unification, and it was a priority under Atatürk. Insofar as education was one of its major pillars, 28 A New Humanism the Kemalist revolution was not radical, though on the surface it might have appeared to be. That it took, in fact, a gradualist approach may have been the factor that ensured the success of the revolution.

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