By Aubrey L. Glazer

ISBN-10: 1441133984

ISBN-13: 9781441133984

A New Physiognomy of Jewish Thinking is a look for authenticity that mixes serious pondering with a craving for heartfelt poetics. A physiognomy of considering addresses the determine of a lifestyles lived the place idea and praxis are unified. This learn explores how the serious essays on song of German-Jewish philosopher, Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno (1903-1969) inevitably accompany the downfall of metaphysics. through scrutinizing a serious juncture in sleek highbrow background, marked in 1931 via Adorno's founding of the Frankfurt Institute for Social study, ignored functions of severe concept to Jewish inspiration develop into attainable. This learn proffers a optimistic justification of a serious perspective, reconstructively proven how such beliefs are visible less than the genealogical proviso of re/cognizing their unique that means. Re/cognition of A New Physiognomy of Jewish Thinking redresses overlooked purposes of detrimental Dialectics, the poetics of God, the metaphysics of musical pondering, reification in Zionism, the transpoetics of Physics and Metaphysics, in addition to correlating Aesthetic idea to Jewish legislations (halakhah). >

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Any attempt to anchor or steer its path is counterproductive to the directionality of its overwhelming flow. Yet, only when Religion unmoored meanders along its path 30 New Physiognomy of Jewish Thinking can it provide Philosophy with the factical material from which its inquiry might begin. 18 Our extrapolation of Lévinas’ comment then sets the stage for this negative dialectic, as well as for further reflection upon wandering and exile. The dialectal tension that Adorno resuscitates in his metaphysical atheism is both alarming and reassuring.

When reality is made to conform to hypotheses rather than adapting it to reality,13 truth is obfuscated if not altogether lost. Finally, any introduction to Machshevet Yisrael in the Diaspora would be incomplete without taking into account the contributions of Eliezer Berkovits. ”14 Despite Berkovits’ clear delineation of the boundaries within which Jewish philosophy must necessarily conform in order to authentically contemplate its thought as Machshevet Yisrael, these concepts risk reification, potentially creating an orthodox thinking.

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