By L. Allison

This textbook is an creation to denotational semantics and its purposes to programming languages. Dr Allison emphasizes a realistic process and the coed is inspired to put in writing and attempt denotational definitions. the 1st part is dedicated to the mathematical foundations of the topic and adequate element is given to demonstrate the basic difficulties. the rest of the ebook covers using denotational semantics to explain sequential programming languages akin to Algol, Pascal and C. all through, a number of workouts, often in Pascal, might help the coed coaching writing definitions and perform basic purposes. The booklet culminates in discussing an executable semantics of the logic-programming language Prolog. Being an advent, complex undergraduates in desktop technological know-how and graduates new to the topic will locate this a easily available account of 1 of the important issues of laptop technological know-how.

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Only the characters in this alphabet may be used with the language. The special alphabet used with the Fortran language is known as the Fortran ­character set. The Fortran character set consists of 97 characters, as shown in Table 2-1. TABLE 2-1 The Fortran character set Number of symbols 26 26 10 1 5 28 Type Values Uppercase letters Lowercase letters Digits Underscore character Arithmetic symbols Miscellaneous symbols A-Z a-z 0-9 _ + - * / ** ( ) . = , ' $ : ! " % & ; < > ? ~ \ [ ] ` ^ { } | # @ and blank Note that the uppercase letters of the alphabet are equivalent to the lowercase ones in the Fortran character set.

The simplest forms of the INTEGER, REAL, and CHARACTER data types will be discussed now. The LOGICAL data type is included in Chapter 3. More advanced forms of various data types will be discussed in Chapter 11. In addition to the intrinsic data types, Fortran permits a programmer to define derived data types, which are special data types intended to solve particular problems. Derived data types will also be discussed in Chapter 12. 1 Integer Constants and Variables The integer data type consists of integer constants and variables.

Secondary memory is slower and cheaper than main memory. It is nonvolatile. Hard disks are common secondary memory devices. Input and output devices are used to read data into the computer and to output data from the computer. The most 1 20 1 chapter 1: Introduction to Computers and the Fortran Language common input device is a keyboard, and the most common output devices are displays or printers. Computer memories are composed of millions of individual switches, each of which can be ON or OFF, but not at a state in between.

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