By David P. Jackson, His Eminence Jigdral Dagchen Sakya

ISBN-10: 0861713966

ISBN-13: 9780861713967

In 1960, the Tibetan lama Dezhung Rinpoche (1906-87) arrived in Seattle after being compelled into exile from his fatherland by way of the Communist chinese language. Already a respected grasp of the lessons of all Tibetan Buddhist faculties, he may ultimately turn into a instructor of a few of Western Buddhism's so much awesome students. This inspiring and not likely biography of a contemporary Buddha is totally annotated, and contains pictures.

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He believed the master was Maiijusri himself and what he did was meant to purify Gaton' s past misdeeds. On the next occasion of public teaching, Gaton again tried to gain admission, humbly taking a seat at the far back. " This happened five times. Each time he alone was singled out for rejection and public humiliation. Finally he became deeply depressed, since he seemed to be as far away as ever from receiving the guru's grace. But he continued to view the master as the Buddha himself At that time, the biography of Khyentse was printed and Gaton read in it the prediction that in the future, Khyentse would have five different rebirths.

At this time his uncle made him sit on a throne and Wear his own saffron-colored robe, and his parents made an offering of milk and yogurt in elegant bowls to him. This he later interpreted as a good omen presaging his future enthronement as the leader ofTharlam monastery. 54 Otherwise, he continued to devote himself to his reading practice. Through the little window now and then he could see or hear children playing outside, and sometimes he wished he. could go out and join them. 55 1913-1914 At age seven, Dezhung Rinpoche took the vows of celibate lay ordination (tshangs spyod dge bsnyen) from the maste·r Nyiga Rinpoche.

Ngawang Nyima kept it beautiful by planting flowers in pots. One of the young boy's. duties in winter was to put the pots out in the sunshine in the morning and to take in the tender flowers, covering them with a blanket, at night. Ngawang Nyima loved flowers, and he liked to grow rare and beautiful varieties. Thirty years later, when Dezhung Rinpoche was leaving to visit the great trade town of Dartsedo (Tachienlu) in Minyak, 6 A SA I NT I N SEATTLE near the Chinese border, he offered to bring back for his uncle anything he wanted.

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