By Patrick Yu Shuk-siu

ISBN-10: 9622095240

ISBN-13: 9789622095243

This publication talks in regards to the description of the original situations below which the writer, as a matriculation scholar, used to be presented a central authority scholarship to go into the college of Hong Kong in 1938, and comprises a correct separate account of 8 real lawsuits dealt with by means of the writer as Defence Counsel.

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We realized that if we stayed, we would either starve or have eventually to seek work under the Japanese. We were not prepared to accept either alternative. Besides, dire consequences might follow if the Japanese became aware that my eldest brother was fighting against them in China. Once the decision to leave was reached, we settled down to raising as much money as we could for the intended journey and our forthcoming stay on the Chinese mainland. Again my mother's resourcefulness came to the fore.

With the permission of the British consul, a Mr Sedgwick, who had known my father back in Hong Kong, we erected a somewhat primitive bungalow at the back of the consulate 41 42 A SEVENTH CHILD AND THE LAW grounds where we all lived. Even though overall living conditions remained trying, it was nonetheless altogether a welcome change. We had left Japanese occupied Hong Kong behind; my mother could resume her housekeeping role and look after her husband again; Winnie and Rosalind soon gained admission into one of the local schools to catch up on their interrupted studies; while I started looking for a job for the first time in my life.

Ratna Kutrakal, a Thai national and another former student from Wah Yan, sprinted after 31 32 A SEVENTH CHILD AND THE LAW the ball while the Eliot goalkeeper raced out to intercept him. The two players collided heavily and fell. As they both lay on the ground, the ball rolled into the Eliot goal to give underdog Ricci Hall the match. As was customary, the winning team celebrated the victory by holding a dance. This time Ping Tsung and I made sure we could partner our favourite young ladies to the occasion by the early inclusion of sisters Josephine and Margaret and their respective boyfriends as invitees.

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A Seventh Child and the Law by Patrick Yu Shuk-siu

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