By Kronig R.

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It is now only occasionally needed for the odd demonstration and although for these purposes it is irreplaceable, it sometimes functions as a political meeting place or a place for expressing solidarity. But all other activities which were earlier located in the public space have emigrated to large and comfortable residences and workplaces; to social institutions; to specialised institutions such as clubs and leisure facilities and to shops and department stores. The mutual neighbourly assistance, which was necessary for survival, has been replaced by insurance policies against fire, illness and emergency The living space of the majority of mankind 23 which operate across society.

Despite the worldwide distribution of the Zwischenstadt, when confronted with it as a political and design-task, all cultures find it a problem which so far appears to be insoluble and lack any strategy. There are several reasons for this: • The Zwischenstadt does not have an independent identity either in the imagination of its occupants or as a subject for politics. 12 The living space of the majority of mankind • • The shaping of the Zwischenstadt can no longer be achieved by the traditional resources of town planning, urban design and architecture.

The image of old urban-ness and its public space is still so attractive that for several decades it has been artificially instigated, for example, to create a propensity for shopping in the pedestrian zones of inner-city and peripheral shopping centres. 23 If the unbroken power of attraction of shopping centres seems to reveal a hunger for urban-ness, and if we do not feel satisfied with this retailer-instigated urban-ness, what practical meaning can this concept still have today? What aspects of its wide-ranging meaning are still relevant for the city of today and tomorrow?

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