By David Lyons, Michelle Lyons

ISBN-10: 1894938712

ISBN-13: 9781894938716

Complicated d20 Magic offers avid gamers with a balanced, refined magic approach for d20 approach role-playing video games (including BESM d20). The e-book offers whole ideas for a skill-based magic approach, guidance on tips to correctly convert conventional d20 spells to be used with the complex approach, and countless numbers of switched over and new spells for simple use.

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2 Caster Levels) One creature/Caster Level, no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apart SAVING THROW: Will negates (DC 16) This spell functions like bull’s strength, except that it affects multiple creatures. BURNING HANDS EVOCATION [FIRE] CASTING DC: # OF SLOTS: RANGE: AREA: DURATION: SAVING THROW: SPELL RESISTANCE: 20 1 15 ft. Cone-shaped burst Instantaneous Reflex half (DC 11) Yes A cone of searing flame shoots from your fingertips. Any creature in the area of the flames takes 1d4 points of fire damage per Caster Level (maximum 5d4).

If you use this spell to create a disguise, you get a +10 bonus on your Disguise check. ANALYZE DWEOMER DIVINATION CASTING DC: # OF SLOTS: RANGE: TARGETS: 46 2 Close (25 ft. /2 Caster Levels) One object or creature per Caster Level 1 round/Caster Level (D) None or Will negates (DC 17) No You discern all spells and magical properties present in a number of creatures or objects. Each round as a non-combat action, you may examine a single creature or object that you can see. In the case of a magic item, you learn its functions, how to activate its functions (if appropriate), and how many charges are left (if it uses charges).

Radius emanation centred on a Point in space DURATION: 2 hours/Caster Level (D) SAVING THROW: None SPELL RESISTANCE: No Alarm sounds a mental or audible alarm each time a creature of Tiny or larger size enters the warded area or touches it. A creature that speaks the password (determined by you at the time of casting) does not set off the alarm. Ethereal or astral creatures do not trigger the alarm. You decide at the time of casting whether the alarm will be mental or audible. MENTAL ALARM: A mental alarm alerts you (and only you) so long as you remain within 1 mile of the warded area.

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