By Peter Gevorkian

ISBN-10: 0071621474

ISBN-13: 9780071621472

Design High-Performance substitute strength structures for Buildings

A finished reference for architects and engineers, this GreenSource e-book offers useful layout and set up guidance for probably the most commercially practicable substitute power applied sciences. building fabrics, method deployment, usual installations, and environmental influence are covered.

Alternative strength structures in development Design comprises details on LEED layout, power conservation, and solar energy financing and go back on funding. energy buy agreements (PPAs) and nationwide and overseas carbon cap and exchange also are mentioned. precious appendices comprise particular layout info tables and licensed gear listings.

Alternative strength platforms in construction Design covers:

  • Solar energy approach physics and technologies
  • California sun initiative program
  • Energy conservation
  • Passive heating sunlight technologies
  • Fuel mobilephone technology
  • Wind strength technologies
  • Ocean power technologies
  • Hydroelectric and micro-hydro turbine power
  • Geothermal energy
  • Biofuel, biogas, and thermal depolymerization technologies
  • Fission- and fusion-type nuclear power
  • Air toxins abatement

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