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Since integer types cannot have fractional values, the fractional part of the value is discarded. This effect is called truncation. stdio; void main() { writeln(7 / 2); } 3 For calculations where fractional parts matter, floating point types must be used instead of integers. We will see floating point types in the next chapter. stdio; void main() { writeln(10 % 6); } 4 A common application of this operator is to determine whether a value is odd or even. Since the remainder of dividing an even number by 2 is always 0, comparing the result against 0 is sufficient to make that distinction: if ((number % 2) == 0) { writeln("even number"); } else { writeln("odd number"); } 36 Integers and Arithmetic Operations Power: ^^ This operator raises the first expression to the power of the second expression.

Write a program that plays a game with the user (obviously with trust). The user throws a die and enters its value. Either the user or the program wins according to the value of the die: Value of the die 1 2 3 4 5 6 Any other value Output of the program You won You won You won I won I won I won ERROR: Invalid value Bonus: Have the program also mention the value when the value is invalid. For example: ERROR: 7 is invalid 3. Let's change the game by having the user enter a value from 1 to 1000. Now the user wins when the value is in the range 1-500 and the computer wins when the value is in the range 501-1000.

Long and ulong would be more than enough to represent many concepts. As a general rule, as long as there is no specific reason not to, you can use int for integer values. Overflow The fact that types can have a limited range of values may cause unexpected results. For example, although adding two uint variables with values of 3 billion each should produce 6 billion, because that sum is greater than the maximum value that a uint variable can hold (about 4 billion), this sum overflows. Without any warning, only the difference of 6 and 4 billion gets stored.

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